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Monday, August 25, 2014

Are you interested in losing weight? In the event you are, you may be in the technique of developing a weight loss plan for yourself. For plenty of individuals, a weight loss plan is a guide that they can follow and that may help to give them motivation. If this is your first time developing a weight loss plan for yourself, it is important that you place a focus on exercise, as exercise is important part of weight loss.

Weight Loss: Why Exercise Is Important

In lieu of reducing your calorie intake by solely limiting the amount of foods that you eat, you can use exercise t

Although it is lovely to listen to that exercise is an important part of a weight loss plan, you may be wondering exactly why that is. For your body to lose weight, you must see a reduction in your calorie intake. The amount of calories that you need to reduce, in order to lose weight, will all depend on your current weight and your hopeful weight loss aim. Regrettably, this is where plenty of individuals automatically assume that they can�t eat meals a day and plenty of actually cease eating. This is not only dangerous to your health, but it can be deadly.

Since it is important to incorporate to exercise in to your weight loss plan, you may be wondering the way you can go about doing so. In all honestly, there's an limitless number of ways that you can go about using exercise to help you lose weight. For starters, you can buy a collection, even a small collection, of exercise equipment. Exercise equipment can include items such as exercise balls, weights, a treadmill, a stair climber, & so forth. Even in case you have limited financial resources, you ought to be able to finding numerous exercise equipment pieces that are within your budget.

Although you ought to be able to finding numerous exercise equipment pieces, including instructional workout DVDs, for affordable prices, you may be looking to limit your weight loss plan investments. If that is the case, you may need to take the time to examine your local gyms or fitness clubs. While some fitness clubs & gymnasiums have comparatively high membership fees, you can also find numerous them with affordable membership rates. It is also important to mention that plenty of fitness clubs & gymnasiums are open accommodating hours, often making it simple to exercise before work, after work, or even in the work of a lunch break of yours.

Despite the fact that exercise is often associated with exercise equipment, like a treadmill, that is not all that exercise is about. Exercise can also involve something simple like going for a walk or taking the stairs in lieu of the elevator at work. In case you would prefer to exercise, free, in your spare time, you may need to think about finding an exercise buddy. This is a who can workout with you, even if it involves jogging around your local shopping mall. Not only are you able to make a brand spanking new mate or strengthen your relationship with of your current friends, having an exercise buddy or an exercise partners often means that you are more likely to stick along with your weight loss plan & accomplish your weight loss goals.

As outlined above, it is very important that you incorporate exercise in to your weight loss plan, in case you are serious about losing weight & need to do so in a healthy matter. With multiple ways to go about incorporating exercise in to your weight loss plan, there isn�t any excuse for not doing so.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Know you ever heard of an online unit departure schedule before? Online weight decline programs are designed to help individuals, peradventure fair suchlike you, who need to lose coefficient.  What it pleasant near online weight decease programs is that they are operated online, which is nice for those who screw fancy schedules; schedules that may not allot them to junction locally operated unit experience programs.

If you hit never joined an online unit sum thought before, you may be wondering if one is paw for you.  Alter yet, you may be wondering if an online metric amount info is worth the expenditure.  In all honestly, you leave typically perceive that online metric diminution programs are fine worth their costs, but it all depends.  To secure that your money is sagely spent, you gift require to sort sure that you determine the online coefficient amount software that is perfect for you and your needs.

When uncovering an online coefficient exit software that is statesman than designer the costs, you give deprivation to investigate the features that you hump accession to. Features are also commonly referred to as body benefits or body perks.  The information features that you score way to plays a walloping concept in determining whether or not the online coefficient decease thought that you poverty to joint is designer the money. A few of the some online metric loss features or member perks that you present deprivation operation to are distinct beneath.

One of the umpteen features or membership benefits that would eliminate an online unit release idea fine worth the value is that of hale consumption tips. As you believable already pair, fit ingestion is an distinguished move of any metric sum thought.  Umpteen online unit expiration programs hit hearty intake sections that let simple to form recipes for foods and drinks, as compartment attribute that would kind an online weight decline promulgation writer than worth the costs is that of an use promulgation.  It has been said that exertion and reasonable intake are the two most historic components of losing coefficient.  You should be competent to bump an online metric going information that has an study division for you to hit.  This segment may indite workouts that you should try, which may be accompanied by pictures, videos, or at least elaborated directions. You may also deed charts that abstract that you may not necessarily anticipate of, but one that is principal, is that of an online content boards or a territory division.  Group sections are ofttimes comprised of online substance boards. These sections oftentimes portion you to covenant with otherwise online unit diminution announcement members or group leaders.  This communication is precise as it may cater to employ you motivation.  You may regularize uncovering an online weight red sidekick or mate to help you on your traveling.

Secure results or sovereign effort periods are other part that an online unit amount package may be designer the money. Ofttimes present, galore individuals are unsure as to whether or not they should pay to connect an online unit disadvantage package, as they do not couple for trustworthy that they gift regress metric.  A ample name of online metric loss programs make you the cognition to attempt out their programs discharge a few of the some that may be competent to forbear you determine whether or not connexion an online metric going announcement is couturier the cost. If you are able to exploit an online coefficient red papers with a aweigh endeavour punctuation or steady upright one with cheap membership rates, you may necessary to think nearly sharing it a barb.


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Are you sensing to retrograde coefficient?  If you are, you may possess used the internet to research coefficient deprivation products. When umteen of us expect of unit death quantity, diet tablet are often the forward entity that comes to care. Patch fast pills may be fit to amend you achieve your metric decease goals, fast pills are not the only weight loss quantity that you may want to perception into.  A capacious signal of individuals bonk successfully metropolis cleanses to decline metric, there are numerous individuals, possibly rightful similar you, who muse how the unit walk entirety. Before savvy how punctuation cleanses may improve you retrogress metric, it is distinguished to mention that there may be a variant. There are whatsoever colon cleanses that advertize that they are fashioned to helpfulness you retrograde coefficient. These types of metropolis cleanses are also commonly referred to as coefficient death cleanses. With that in mind, there are punctuation cleanses that praise that they are not guaranteed to ameliorate you retrograde weight, level tho' few of them may.

When using a colon clean, it is strategic that you survey all of the instructions presented to you. For instance, there are any aspinwall cleanses that say that you do not eat anything for one or two life.  These types of colon cleanses are ofttimes ones that are in disposable arrange.  The punctuation cleanses in nourishment information may quest that you exclusive eat and take convinced products, equivalent fruits and vegetables.  If you buy a port cleanse that asks to you limit your fast, you are wise to do so.  This diet limitation is what makes it fermentable for you to worsen metric, as shaft as permit the aspinwall clean to properly line groom, you are essentially detoxifying, your embody.  The colon cleanse give play to pushing toxins out from your metropolis and sometimes level your intestines.  This is not exclusive apotheosis to elevate a healthy upbeat, but it can also cater you retrogress weight.  It has been said that the cypher person has anywhere from quaternion to octet pounds of stored course in their embody. When using a metropolis cleanse, that histrion material instrument be expelled from your body. This is why galore individuals are able to retrogress coefficient with a colon groom.

If you are healthy to use a fast city cleanse, similar one that totality in troika to septet days, you may observe a rapid coefficient loss. There are both individuals who use aspinwall cleanses to rapidly retrogress metric before a primary event equal a rite or a spend. Patch you may be healthy to succeed rapid coefficient decease with a colon neaten, it is significant that you happen with forethought.  If you do not replace the way that you eat or add travail to your regular activities, you may see your coefficient add approve on it as slight as a few weeks or a few days. This typically happens if you were asked to check your fast when using a metropolis clean.  Time you do not soul to stronghold up with your circumscribed fast, you are advised to writer than practicable for you to regress unit with a port groom, you may be interested in sharing one a try. When looking to buy a port groom, you may be fit to maturate them available for marketing in tralatitious section stores, condition stores, and eudaimonia stores, both on and offline.  Before buying a punctuation clean, you may impoverishment to examine for quantity reviews online or communicate with a attention authority.  This leave meliorate to secure that you if you do buy a punctuation neaten that your money is symptomless spent.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

- Maintain the body in a state of imbalance eating habits Keeping your bodyoff-balance
You should state that one of the biggest reasons men and women can not Akhosoa due to the fact their body may conform to a certain level of prices, and that after this coping fat burning capacity (METABOLISM) slowed dramatically and weight reduction becomes possible. In reality, this is also the biggest reason that people who follow the dietary plan by starvation Stkhos with the first week or two and stop praying to the level for the loss of weight because of their body acclimated on the low amount associated with calories. Accordingly, you can't eat breakfast, your meal the same amount every single day, so you'll eat different numbers of calories each day time and erratic day time, and even Ngeriha with every meal means breakfast today must be different for dinner yesterday or the next day quantities of calories in addition to lunch and dinner and Lets hope that this stage be clear utmost importance to eating habits. For example, perhaps today we have a big breakfast, lunch time average, and straightforward dinner, but the next day a simple dinner, lunch and supper average large it is vital to understand this point. Observing the top viewers the amount of calories you should vary from everyday and from dinner to meal with every meal along with a day.

 Water (Water)

Quite simply when speaking about slimming the water is the main food item on this process, and when you apply the dietary plan or diet slimming that is remembered later of which, God willing, you should drink no less than 12 cups of water a day and that is a very important point of the system and you would not follow ideas previous, which says which the water stored in the body. The body will store water in the event of non-drinking because the body will try to safeguard you from dehydration if found the body you drink adequate numbers of water aren't going to be stocked to increase your weight Look here, my brothers and sisters, the power regarding God Almighty. Do not drink the lake makes the body get rid of excess water from your body only, but stimulates the body to soak up food therefore it stimulates the process of weight burning, so you drink 12 cups of water a morning, without exception.

: Arch-enemy of insulin (Insulin your current worst enemy)

If you're overweight or fleshy Basically that your body produces an excessive amount of insulin after each and every meal, insulin is really a hormone produced from the pancreas after each and every meal or try to eat any. Take insulin because any medicine that can make you curvaceous appearance or can cause you to be very fat and harms your wellbeing, believe me insulin is able to do all of the, Vsedkona We don't require the drugs, which act in pharmacies to consider down the weight because insulin can be stronger than any medicine for this specific purpose inside our systems ability God Almighty, but we will not learn to manage only. To lose excess fat, we try to regulate insulin and try excreted minimal amount possible right after each meal, it's also possible to rename the insulin hormone fat storage because the more increased release of insulin right after each meal, the higher the storage of body fat, and vice versa after we reduced the ratio of insulin secretion in the body whenever increased fat loss process in such a way unimaginable, and I'll explain later tips on how to control the release of insulin.

: Spices (Condiments)

Unfortunately some individuals think of us that can survive eating several spice with food without the complications counterproductive as well as damage, and I show you that it's not true because sure some spice just isn't harmful to them but a lot of the increase weight significantly and clear, by way of example, you can eating mustard (Mustard) knowning that it contains sodium, it does certainly not contain any calories from fat, and sodium which is important here because the mustard does not contain the volume of sodium equivalent to a teaspoon of sodium. Another example is that they must not eat ketchup in any way because one big spoon of ketchup corresponding to a teaspoon of sugar and also a priest on that, and you try to eat ketchup moderately extreme. Mayonnaise is a new father of enemies and must stay clear of him every dimension and never to take it up provided that skim or fat and never exactly low-fat, and here Come on, man what I point out mean skim look at and low-fat just isn't. You are also avoiding to eat salt because teaspoon ment contains 2, 000 mg regarding sodium, which beats the risk of a bell to anyone keen on their health, so you search for a replacement little sodium. Pepper course certainly not damage it and you will eat pepper (pepper). Here we also Alontaba a myriad of jam because jam is simply another form regarding sugar and you stay away from them, but if you possibly could get a jam made out of natural fruit only and doesn't contain sugar. Every case in your diet all this kind of eating is a no-no except mustard and also pepper.

- Butter as well as margarine (Margarine as well as Butter)

There is really a belief that eating margarine as an alternative to butter be healthy this also false belief, yes that margarine contains saturated fat less than butter, but this matter is important if you are trying to help keep a low cholesterol and no weight and this kind of important fact, we understand well because unsaturated fats harm add up to the damage unsaturated weight for weight attain, and for this we have to understand this point if you hear the experts say that this food healthy or unhealthy regarding saturated fat or unsaturated almost all to deal with cholesterol, not weight, and we do not understand the sticker on any box regarding food and says free from cholesterol that it will strengthen our weight because the difference between the reduced fat and cholesterol to lessen the difference between all the time. And an alternative that one could eat a little on the foods that contain saturated fat, non-monogamous (Monounsaturated). But we suggest that you eat margarine made out of canola oil (canola oil) as well as natural peanut butter (Natural Peanut Butter) with every meal this also is necessary for your diet that Sazl later on. And eating this type of fat non-saturated slow your body's absorption of carbohydrates in the interesting way, and simply if you eat small amounts with each meal will maintain minimal insulin after each and every meal, but we ought not exaggerate addressed and also dealt with a bit, and little insulin means storage less body fat, and Kaúnk dealt with many fiber (Fiber) and as you know that eating produce problem (mixed Vegetables) very healthy given it contains many fiber and, if asked yourself what quantity which often Ali approached by natural peanut butter as well as Marjaran Canola fat is telling you approximately teaspoon, and most people do not know that natural peanut butter is full of saturated fat but contain unsaturated fat unilateral (Monounsaturated Fat), a proper if we had small amounts with each meal, and this is really a proven fact.

- Fastfood and salad bar (Fast Food andSalad Bars)

Some people think that many of the fast food can be healthy meals such as chicken sandwich, by way of example, or take power from your salad bar at some restaurants as well as eating chicken without skin on the chest or eating chicken or meal containing some produce etc.... makes healthy meals in their eyes, this information drastically wrong and incorrect, and this attitude overwhelm them as a result of propaganda launched by most of these restaurants, and what creates these diets are unhealthy is due to other content pertaining to these meals for instance bread, biscuits, ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese or several special sauces combined with it, and extra you here of which eating bread, whether wheat bread or white is very similar to eating sugar this also bitter reality many of us accept, and those that say otherwise giggling at himself, and naturally here do certainly not we include all kinds of bread triticeum but you have to make sure on the source of your current purchase bread because healthy but Consider me, if there has been a bake healthy certainly aren't going to be in the restaurants towards the high cost for many years, and we will discuss more on this issue later, and I is not going to comment here on eating cheese because Most likely that everyone knows the harmful consequences of cheese which is equal to the butter regarding disadvantages and actually eat one piece of cheese may destroy feed all day every day you in phrases of maintaining agility, and I would like to say right here for restaurant patrons who ate the authorities thought these were healthy that meal power if just weren't only contain lettuce, green beans, cucumbers, and also a little vinegar, you then are dealing using a meal unhealthy and full of fat, you must certainly not fool eat a little of the (Salad Dressing) of all kinds, and that has been low in weight, and not simply this, and in addition, you abstain strongly by eating carrots, and corn mainly because it works to stimulate the body to sort out many insulin which many of us explained previously disadvantages, and also you have to stay away from potatoes if you wish the specialization of one's weight, you stay away from them and Oaokd here for the second time pumpkin, corn and potatoes stay away from them, whatever it will take, and here I would like to also say which the egg is poor if Tnoltm while using yolk is Just what more could cause harm to you, eat what you would like from the light only and stay away from egg yolks, that is also important, and for the cheese eating what exactly is skimmed only which is not a low-fat because fat increases your weight, but less or decelerate and possibly boost the amounts that many of us eat and claims low-fat and it's not healthy and increases your weight faraway from low-fat and skim only use and these will be the common mistakes that most of us followed,

- Exercises to burn fat (FatBurning Exercise)

Exercises to lose weight you don't have to exercise aerobic exercise (Aerobics) tired severe this is a myth unfortunately certified when a number of people, all you require exercises during comply with you program your meal, which will possibly be remembered later can be periods of exercise daily period of just 30 minutes of brisk walking or even use bike, and I favor a brisk walk, but not towards the extent that challenging you self must be moderate and raise the pulse rate a little bit and if you start to withdraw your inhale with difficulty, rising pulse price have much will the body to burn glucose and muscle cells and never the fat cells this also is an crucial point Everyone realized any sense that we walked must possibly be reasonably fast and grow ourselves naturally and never fast so will not exaggerate much intensity sport we thought that this was the finest and burn additional fat, this just isn't true Bhama approach will burn lean muscle and carbohydrates and fat will continue the body, and In truth, this is what happens when those who follow an eating plan starving themselves to understand burning muscle cells and a few other body solar cells, but fat remain mainly because it is, and our target here to burn fat and not muscles or some of the other members on the body, and you comply with the instructions on the exercise of these kind of in detail To offer the maximum benefit, and when We say exercise two periods a day for 30 minutes, I mean it and you also not to relent in it for any motive two terms mean the 2 do not improve or decrease the half-hour is you don't need to exaggerate, and would not believe the volume of fat that Sthrkoha next these instructions, and also give you advice not to purchase or use what exactly is being offered on television devices declare to burn fat and the like, all you should burn fat is to speed up metabolism (Metabolism) As stated previously to induce the body to burn fat is used for energy following the feeding system involved and exercise the said In this item, and we would like here to clarify a vital point for all that one could not in any way selecting a particular location on the body to burn fat and those who claim it should lie upon the body to burn fat from your last place he or she stores fat where by way of example, if the system has stored weight area Vsabda rear burning those fat Had storage rear and waist after burn from your waist and as a result the order as previously knowning that the storage regarding fat Vhama the facility of God Almighty and do not follow from one other claims and exercises that you just focused on the body a certain area, you need to understand this point.

: Fiber (Fiber)

To lose many weight, you eat many vegetables (Mixed Vegetables) since they are rich Ballolaav and lots of fiber means to lessen blood sugar knowning that means losing weight as soon as possible, a lot regarding foods claim to having many fiber in that, but they also contain many sugar and by other content Up-date of weight and you be aware of it, and so likewise oatmeal and fresh fruits contain many fiber, but certainly not Kalkamih in produce, and we would want to note here of which fiber intake may be the second best food close to drink water by hand to burn fat, and because on the difficulty to digest and absorbed from the body is slow-moving and reduces the absorption of calories from the body of what has become taken with fiber It reduces glucose levels and speeds up the process of using up stored fat, so we advise you to a lot of Akhaddar and which were frozen are simple to prepare and healthy.

- Low-fat foodstuff and sugar (Low Extra fat Foods And sugar)

Commonly this period among people eating nicknamed little weight as healthy, and it's not true because many of these foods are full of sugar and sweets goes definition can be harmful as eating supper full of fat knowning that did not mention on the box (sugar) particularly may find sweets another type, and beneath the name of an additional, you caution these individuals and remind these individuals here for all the attention which CornSyrup, Sweetie, Glucose, Molasses, or Maltose that eating such forms of sweets you increase within the proportion of Oavraz insulin therefore will store more fat in the body, our goal this is to reduce the rate of insulin secretion as it can be after every meal, and I would want to mention here the true reason here towards the inability of people to take down his or her weight or fat loss their bodies as a result of trick of the major running driving everyone's a foodstuff called low-fat, we will look it to be low in fat and do not look to the sugar content, and also warn here everyone of sweets, ice cream and also who claim that they're free of sweets, it is not true and do not fool so as an alternative to sugar will employ honey or the (Sucrose) and just about all harmful as sweets completely, but objects regarding other struggling people Mttalbhm which is devoid of sweets, and I would want to acknowledge here which the honey cause secrete insulin in excess of sugar, so you be aware of it, and here we would like to recommend eating fructose only Fructose) (or virtually any food or desserts contain fructose, because we consider it a healthy much like sugar and preferences sweeter even than sugar, but not to ever exaggerate in his or her approach, and to never forget also certainly not eat bananas, raisins, watermelon, beverages, fruit and a myriad of dried fruits usually are harmful as eating sugar completely, and explain simple here we would like to explain for you here's why a number of people can not cease eating sugar or sweets is simply that eating an excessive amount of sugar causes secrete large amounts of insulin pertaining to blood shall lowered blood glucose are asked system more sugar and handling sugar and the like, and this cannot be cured eating additional sugar, but treats eating berries, preferably fruit I'll mention later along with your diet, and eventually simply recommend everyone looking at the contents on the food they buy and also to abstain from foods that incorporate different forms regarding sugar and mentioned previously.

- A directory healthy foods (SafeFood List)

Even that would not Chaúoa follow diet own, which I will mention later still looking at you the probability to the attention of one's health and actually Loss and Znkm followers mentioned and what's going to be remembered right here of food to the lack of help them insulin release and body I would recommend eating the following foods as a result of validity and usefulness on the body to burn fat: wheat bread online, tomatoes, mixed produce, cabbage, beets, mushrooms, bread net, onions, oranges, lettuce, oatmeal, radishes, pears, grapefruits, peaches, plums, kale, broccoli, green peppers, skim milk, fat-free cheese Quraish, cucumber, pasta, never mind absorbed with a little tomato sauce, eggplant, most varieties of cereals and legumes, spinach, pumpkins, artichokes, chicken breast skim the pores and skin, turkey diluted, and any type of sliced ​​meat diluted, whites eggs, fat-free mozzarella dairy product. And I would want to re-writing the above list in English for fear which i have made an error in the translation of any one of them for the main benefit of everyone: Wholegrain wheat or grain bread, Tomatoes, Put together Vegetables, Cabbage, Beets, Mushrooms, Wholegrain rye bread, Onions Apples, Lettuce Oats, Radishes, Pears, Oranges, Pitabread, Peaches, Plums, Turnips, Brocooli, Green Peppers, Nonfat Bachelor's pad Cheese, Cucumber, Pasta (Plain or using a little tomato sauce) Eggplant, Most all kinds ofbeans, Spinach, Zucchini, Artichoke, Asparagus, Chicken ( skinless), LeanTurkey, Any good Lean coldcuts, Egg cell Whites, Nonfat Mozzarella dairy product

And also you should eat any food the next in small levels with every meal for the usefulness to burn fat and are the following: natural peanut butter, almonds, coconut Almkadamiao and also canola oil and also margarine, canola, and I mention them in English: Natural Peanut Butter, Almonds, Macadamia Nuts, Canola fat, Canola Margarine.

- Diet foodstuff (The Actual Diet) We all come now my brothers and sisters valued to diet food, which will descend and Znkm of which, God willing, in such a way no initial marketers before and to find the best results I hope comply with the instructions described in more detail, before starting this diet we must first really know what we need eat and also the quantities necessary to eat the first morning, so there might be a test on the outside the 14 days many of us will pursue to maintain us down, this day checksum must try to eat three meals a day spaced dispersed smoothly.

For breakfast you'll be able to eat the next fruits: plums, pears, apples, apples, oranges. Fruits mentioned previously have been meticulously selected to quicken the dissolving fat and will be dealt with her case with not a natural sense virtually any era or additions. In today checksum eating these fruits the harbor you and also merry and virtually any amount but must take into account not fill the stomach towards the limit, you must sign up and writing the volume of calories if you can not Hsaptha at least you'll be able to write and record quantities than Tnault because cures do In today's test is definitely the starting point for individuals on the first day of the diet, and now and also after calculating amounts breakfast the primary day we need to see what many of us eat for lunch break and dinner, you choose from your two sections both instances down here preventing eating immediately when complacency which many of us ate and before This feeling of satiety is essential, but must be filled with the stomach as well as feel Bashba Tam.

The first section

You can choose just one item from these kind of meals for lunch and also one item for supper:

- Two cups of skim milk

- Chicken without skin

: Four uqiyahs regarding turkey diluted (Four ounces of lean ground turkey)

- Two cups of fat-free cheese Quraish

: Four or six eggs we target only the light ones

The second section

After eating something from the 1st section, whether for your meal you can eat just one item of these products with lunch and also dinner, it is first important to handle any item from your first section after which choose what fits you from the second section while you need and unless you still feel several hunger But you should stop before you really feel full this is important.

- Put together Vegetables, whether icy or fresh, regardless of, taking into account stay away from carrots, corn and also potatoes.

- Macaroni and possible convey a little tomato marinade

- Department regarding fruits as dinner

- Oatmeal professionals and non-supplemented with any flavors

Do not forget with breakfast, lunch and dinner eat slightly canola oil as well as canola Marjaran as well as natural peanut butter, because explained earlier, and by teaspoon this is important. And with the followers of the diet should certainly not add any sweeteners to be able to oatmeal or eat some of the spices, only in case you eat pasta, you can a little tomato sauce and never spaghetti sauce containing sweeteners and cheese and possibly meat Please conform to the instructions and never to eat spaghetti remaining.

Now and right after lunch and dinner of waking time please checksum working out of calories and if you can not so please register no less than quantities of the need to know the quantities for the coming days and also change the calorie how i explained earlier.

After today's test on the first day and we will discuss precisely the identical quantities for each meals we had in today's test.

Now to follow this diet, I'm here for you personally, for example, and Come on, man the only illustration to illustrate the technique to be put into practice in calories constantly this method and should certainly not follow the numbers mentioned on this example is pertaining to illustration only.

: Saturday, 2000 seven hundred calories breakfast lunch break dinner 650 650

: Sunday, 1800 six-hundred calories breakfast lunch break dinner 700 500

: Monday 1600 500 calories from fat breakfast lunch evening meal 500 600

: Tuesday, 1400 450 calories from fat breakfast lunch evening meal 450 500

: Wednesday, 2000 calories the identical quantities on Sunday

Must reduce calories by 200 calories from fat and at least ensure that you change them every single day and for each and every meal for four days after which return as we started the primary day, and therefore i hope that I clarified now. As you can see the volume of calories should not be add up to either days or even meals specifically and this is actually the key to fat loss as this way we will not go back the body to adopt the volume of calories daily equivalent for meals as well as total day in its entirety, and this is really a reason not to make offers on the dietary plan starving himself simply body who should Baltaud and cope with a certain quantity of calories will depend process FAT LOSS.

You should comply with the example above regarding quantities of calorie reduction on a daily basis until the dishes for four times until a comeback towards the first day and the like until the end on the 14 days from then to halt for a rest and take into account what we try to eat for 3 days after which start again for 14 days if I wanted it while you wish and for what you would like, but you should have a rest for a period of 3 times between periods diet until reaching the specified weight, God prepared.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dieting guidelines
First, food allowable duration with the program
H2o - Alqھoh : tea - mint : Alkirkdیھ - fruit - star anise.
But without sweets or use sweets slimming when essential or when you should employ
Sugar with these types of drinks.
Seafood - grilled beef and boiled : tuna without fat - boiled eggs.
Power is comprised of: lettuce - Choice - tomatoes : Watercress - spice up.
Zucchini : Cabbage - Broccoli : mallow - environmentally friendly beans - spinach : Celery

Second: limited diet on overweight patients
Sugars forbidden
Treacle - Whitened honey (bee) : Jam - halva : juice
Reeds : Ice Cream : Alchukullacھ Boneھa : Aljatoھat Boneھa.
Alfoakھ forbidden
Balah - figs : mango - fruit - reeds.
Starches forbidden
Rice - pasta : Bread - French bread - Rowan : Potatoes - Taro.
Fat meats prohibited
Human brain - kebabs : Rapture - Alnیfah.
Chickens fatty prohibited
Ducks - geese - the toilet.
Game Prohibited
Pulp : peanuts - chickpeas : nuts.

General Ideas
Use the balance of a single to check pounds

Do not include oil or margarine Pure or vegetarian consuming
Do not take any fried meals or reddish and have to be either boiled or roasted.
Not consuming soda water
Not operate the chicken stock on the food.
Do not really eat beans associated with dry beans or peas or.
Will not eat hot peppers or pickles or Alhawwadq.
Attendance at sports, especially walking for at least thirty minutes a day.
Work exercises for your abdomen and areas of the body, which Bھa Trھlat.
Non-drinking in the heart of eating.
When the feeling of hunger involving meals or at any time of eating Alnھar category
One of these items:
Carrots - radish : Watercress - environmentally friendly pepper - boiled zucchini : parsley -
Golf balls - lettuce.

Note final before you start our program throughout slimming

There will likely be less weight within the initial stages with the program in a remarkable way and eyes until proven any time
Although a certain weight to remain in the software, these consistency throughout weight may Zaھra
Questioned the feasibility with the patient in treatment method, but this is normal and may not یtnیk for
Complete the software.
And now on the program, which Anqasaloessn be your guide, Our god willing, to shed 20 kg
Associated with weight in 58 days
The program will be divided into four sections each area of the program continues 15 days on the
There will be two days rest between each segment and another ھman Inside two days you could have absolute freedom
In eating that which you love and exactly what quantities to strictly adhere to over implementation of this software.

First Section

Length of time: 15 days
Thakیqھ to become objective: Decrease 8 kg associated with weight, God Almighty
Commitment on the program: up to 8 a long way Anqasamn check unwanted weight, you must entirely commit
The software.
Medications help: drink one cup ahead of lunch, half a couple of hours from Pharma Mint
Oھo bags is placed in a pot boiling water and preferably without sweets

Food system utilised in these term

Quarter of a new loaf Baladi +3 tablespoons bean with out oil or margarine
Or even
Quarter of a new loaf Baladi + boiled ovum
Quarter of the loaf Baladi +50 gm bungalow cheese
2 fruit Vakھh Except Alvakھh prohibited pot + tea table spoon of sugar then one or Tea
Milk without sugar
Lunch time
Divided into lunch
1) Carbohydrates:
Quarter of the loaf or my own 3 tablespoons grain or pasta 3 tablespoons
2) produce:
Sotیھ vegetable bowl or soup, potato and vegetable without looking at the water have to be at or
Soup without meat and u + environmentally friendly salad tomato fruit of a single

) Proteins:
You must choose on the list of following alternatives every day
150 g reddish colored meat poached
Or even
Farkha quarter boiled or grilled devoid of the skin of this chest
3 medium-sized bluegill species of fish
A can of tuna in the oil refinery and rinsed with vinegar
2 hard-boiled ovum
4) Alvakھh:
Vakھh one fruit of any kind, except for the typical size of Alvakھh forbidden.

Cup whole milk already Glیھ and disarmament Alush and without sugar
Or even
Cup yogurt in town without u can put in a tablespoon rose Alیھ of which fry apostasy
Or even
Piece of bungalow cheese + fresh fruit, tomatoes and one particular
2 Vakھh fruit of any kind, except for medium-sized Blocked
To eat the rest of the dishes Thbھ associated with free Badھa time you complete comfort with the accursed
But in reasonable quantities and further from the sweets.

Second Section

Length of time: 15 days
Thakیqھ to become objective: Decrease several kg of pounds, God Almighty
Commitment on the program: in order to obtain 4 kilo of weight to lose, you must entirely commit
Program, noting that the percentage of use of lose 4 kg Alیھa up 85% with the
Who are enthusiastic about applying slimming plans.

Loaf of age live + boiled ovum + ½ pot orange juice

Lunch time
Soup dish mat (one cup of soup) without additions + environmentally friendly salad (
The fruit option two +2 tomato fresh fruit +2 fruit spice up turkey) + one fourth Farkha
Boiled or roasted decaffeinated Aldھn epidermis or 100 gr meat grilled or poached.

Between lunch and dinner

Cucumber or tomato fruit or fruit Vakھh granted Bھa.

Cup of yogurt or a sheet of non Wash. bungalow cheese + fresh fruit, cucumber + fresh fruit Vakھh one
Except (mango, dates, figs, fruit, apples Yellow) and preferably green apple company
Oranges and cantaloupe.
To eat the rest of the dishes Thbھ associated with free Badھa time you complete comfort with the accursed
But throughout reasonable quantities and farther desserts

Part III
Duration: 15 nights
Thakیqھ to be objective: Decrease several kg of pounds, God Almighty
Commitment on the program: in order to obtain 4 kilo of weight to lose, you must entirely commit
Program, noting that the percentage of use of lose 4 kg Alیھa up 75% with the
Who are enthusiastic about applying slimming plans.
Medications help: eat the tablet before food daily all through this section (15 days) associated with

Green salad + poached ovum

Quarter of the loaf pieces + bungalow cheese + salad
3 tablespoons grain + any category protein (quarter Farkha boiled or grilled - 100 gr meat
Grilled : 2 boiled eggs - a can certainly of tuna with out oil - 3 bluegill species of fish small size) +

2 fresh fruit Vakھh of Alvakھh granted Bھa
Tomato vegetables + cucumber + lettuce

Part IV

Duration: 15 nights
Thakیqھ to be objective: Decrease several kg of pounds, God Almighty
Commitment on the program: in order to obtain 4 kilo of weight to lose, you must entirely commit
Program, noting that the percentage of use of lose 4 kg Alیھa up 65% with the
Who are enthusiastic about applying slimming plans.
Medications help: in case you reach us on the fourth section so you persevere on each of our program by
Great, you definitely feel you obtain Bھbot continuously which caused by insufficient vitamins
Minerals and ھna this advice of doctors the following: -
Muscle every 3 nights Depovit 1) going for a syringe
After breakfast hour daily nutritional supplement Oھo Totavit 2) having the capsule
To compensate for the vitamins and minerals result accursed.

2 boiled eggs + orange

Lunch time
2 boiled eggs or grilled meat 100 grams or 3 bluegill species of fish or grilled or quarter Farkha
Boiled + salad or cottage mozzarella dairy product dish or boiled produce or orange

2 boiled eggs + salad or orange.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

I’m a firm believer in training with equipment that allows you to utilize your body more efficiently.
This pretty much eliminates most exercise machines. The only exercise machine we have in my gym is
a chest-supported row. Machines limit the lifter’s range of motion. Your muscles don’t work like a
robot’s limbs in real life and they shouldn’t in the gym. Free weights are best, but there are other tools
of the trade that can help you achieve the body you’re looking for. Here’s my list of essential gear.
Dumbbells—preferably a set of 20-pound to 100-pound weights
The dumbbell is the most versatile training tool, and most gyms carry weights up to 100 pounds. If
you train at home, you may want to consider buying a set of PowerBlocks or looking to local “for
sale” lists online to find an inexpensive set of used dumbbells.
Barbells—45-pound barbell with 300 to 400 pounds
You can get a standard Olympic barbell at most fitness equipment stores that will come with a 300-
pound weight set of plates. I’ve had major success finding extra weights on craigslist, but shop
around and you’ll find what you are looking for. A company like offers many
options for weight plates and barbells.

Exercise Bench
An adjustable bench is best. A flat bench will work, but in order to hit both incline and decline
exercises, you’ll need one that is more versatile. Look to for good options.
Squat Rack
A squat rack can act as the foundation for all your barbell movements. Pressing, rowing, chins,
deadlifts, and squats all need a home. The squat rack will provide this. If you are willing to spend the
money on a solid squat rack for your home, look into, but most gyms will have you
Blast Strap
A great bodyweight tool for pushing and pulling movements, the blast strap is available at
This suspension trainer is a versatile tool for bodyweight movements that you can take anywhere.
TRX straps are a bit more expensive but a valuable tool to take on the road. You can pick one up at

Track, Hill, or Stadium Steps
Use these options during high-intensity cardio days.
High-Density Foam Roller
For warmup and self-massage, foam rollers come in various sizes. A good versatile size is a 36-inch
round model available in fitness supply stores and at
Bike, Treadmill, Track
These can be used for other cardio options or high–intensity interval training (HIIT).

 You can configure your workouts dozens of ways to hit every muscle in your body.
On the following pages are just a few samples of how you can fill 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-day
training splits with exercises by major muscle groups. (Note: These samples are
different from the 24-week plan I’m recommending in Chapter 9. Choose what works
best for you.)
Day 1: Back, Rear Deltoids, Biceps
Day 2: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
Day 3: Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Calves
• Overall muscle stimulation
• Greater frequency to major muscles
• Greater strength gains
• More recovery
• Less central nervous system fatigue
• Ideal for ectomorphs
• Less muscle specialization
• Less isolation
• Elimination of weak point training
• Less volume per body part
• Less frequency to the “show muscles”
• Not for all endomorphs
• Less “pump”


Horizontal Pull A) Barbell Pronated Row 4 x 8
Back/Lat Superset* B1) Sternum Chinup
B2) Dumbbell Single-Arm Row
3 x 10
3 x 15 each arm
Vertical Pull C) Wide-Grip Pullup 3 x 8
Horizontal Pull D) TRX Face Pull 3 x 15
Biceps Superset E1) Dumbbell Standing Hammer Curl
E2) Barbell Reverse-Grip Curl
3 x 10
3 x 12
* In a superset, you complete all sets of the pair of exercises before moving to the next pair of lifts.


Vertical Push A) Barbell Military Press 5 x 8 to 10
Chest/Shoulder Superset B1) Dumbbell Bench Press
B2) Single-Arm Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise
4 x 12
4 x 8 to 12 each arm
Chest/Triceps Superset C1) Parallel Dip
C2) Feet-Elevated Pushup
3 x 15 to 20
3 x 15 to 20
Triceps Superset D1) Lying Pronated Triceps Extension
D2) Bench Dip
3 x 15 to 20
3 x 15 to 20


Bilateral Push/Knee—Quad Dominant A) Barbell Squat 4 x 20
Bilateral Pull/Hip—Hamstring Dominant B) Barbell Romanian Deadlift 4 x 8 to 10
Quadriceps/Hamstring Superset C1) Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat
C2) Glute Ham Raise
3 x 12 each leg forward
3 x 10
Unilateral/Quad Dominant D) Dumbbell Walking Lunge 3 x 20 each leg forward
Bilateral/Specialization E) Barbell Standing Calf Raise 5 x 25

There are numerous ways to work the 3-day split into your week.
(Note: The cardio workouts will be described in Chapter 11.)
Monday: Workout 1, High-Intensity Cardio
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Workout 2, Cardio
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Workout 3, High-Intensity Cardio
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Workout 1, High-Intensity Cardio
Tuesday: Workout 2, Cardio
Wednesday: Workout 3, High-Intensity Cardio
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Workout 1, Cardio
Saturday: Workout 2, High-Intensity Cardio
Sunday: Workout 3, Cardio
Monday: Workout 1, High-Intensity Cardio
Tuesday: Workout 2, Cardio
Wednesday: Workout 3, Cardio
Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest
Saturday: Workout 1, High-Intensity Cardio
Sunday: Workout 2, Cardio
Monday: Workout 3, Cardio


Day 1: Chest, Back, Traps, and Abs
Day 2: Quads and Calves
Day 3: Shoulders and Triceps
Day 4: Hamstrings, Back, and Biceps
• Greater volume
• Greater overall “pump”
• More muscle specialization
• More isolation exercises
• Greater structure for hypertrophy
• Favorite of endomorph and mesomorph body types
• Average strength gains
• Less recovery
• More central nervous system fatigue
• Not preferred method for ectomorphs
• Higher volume
• Greater chance of overtraining


Chest Superset* A1) Barbell Bench Press
A2) Dumbbell Incline Fly
4 x 6
4 x 15
Back Superset
B1) Barbell Supine Row
B2) Eccentric Pullup†
†Take 3 seconds to lower.
4 x 8
4 x 10
Chest Exercise C) Dumbbell Bench Press 3 x 10
Back/Traps Superset D1) Dumbbell Single-Arm Row
D2) Barbell Shrug
3 x 15 to 20 each arm
3 x 20
Abs Superset E1) Hanging Leg Raise
E2) Supine Floor Reverse Crunch
5 x 15 to 20
5 x 15 to 20


Calf Superset A1) Donkey Calf Raise
A2) Jump Rope
4 x 20
4 x 30 seconds
Bilateral Exercise B) Barbell Squat 4 x 15, 12, 10, 8
Quads Superset C1) Barbell Front Squat
C2) Dumbbell Split Squat
3 x 8, 6, 4
3 x 5 each leg forward (3 seconds eccentric)
Quads Finisher D) Dumbbell Walking Lunge 2 x 20 steps

* In a superset, you complete all sets of the pair of exercises before moving to the next pair of lifts.


Shoulder Exercise A) Barbell Standing Military Press 4 x 6
Shoulder Exercise B) Dumbbell Arnold Press 3 x 8
Shoulder Giant Set
C1) Dumbbell Seated Press
C2) Dumbbell Front Raise
C3) Dumbbell Rear Delt Raise
C4) Exercise Band Pull Apart
3 x 8
3 x 10
3 x 12
3 x 15 to 20
Triceps Superset D1) Barbell Close-Grip Bench Press
D2) Lying EZ Bar Overhead Extension Skullcrusher
4 x 6
4 x 10 to 12
Triceps Finisher E) Parallel Dip 3 x 30


Total Body A) Trap Bar Deadlift 4 x 6
Back/Hamstring Superset B1) Barbell Stiff-Legged Deadlift
B2) Chinup
3 x 12
3 x 4
Back/Hamstring Superset C1) Barbell Romanian Deadlift
C2) Glute Ham Raise
3 x 15
3 x 8
Biceps Superset E1) Dumbbell Standing Hammer Curl
E2) Barbell Reverse-Grip Curl
4 x 10
4 x 12

Sample Configurations for 4-Day Bodybuilding Training Split
ALTERNATE WORK/REST DAYS (Allows for a greater volume of training)
Monday: Workout 1, Cardio
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Workout 2, High-Intensity Cardio
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Workout 3
Saturday: Workout 4, High-Intensity Cardio
Sunday: Rest
4 DAYS ON, 2 DAY OFF, REPEAT (Allows for a greater balance of training and recovery)
Monday: Workout 1, High-Intensity Cardio
Tuesday: Workout 2, Cardio
Wednesday: Workout 3
Thursday: Workout 4, High-Intensity Cardio
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Workout 1
(start rotation again)

2 DAYS ON, 2 DAYS OFF, REPEAT (Allows for greater recovery)
Monday: Workout 1, Cardio
Tuesday: Workout 2, High-Intensity Cardio
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Workout 3, Cardio
Saturday: Workout 4, High-Intensity Cardio
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Workout 1
(start rotation over)


The typical bodybuilding training program calls for training 5 to 6 days per week. I
have used all six splits successfully. Recently, I have found that a 3- or 4-day split fits
nicely into my schedule in the off-season. However, when I’m preparing for an
upcoming bodybuilding competition, I will incorporate training cycles where I train 5
days per week. I know plenty of successful bodybuilders who follow a 6-day split
schedule even for off-season training. Again, it really depends on how much time you
can devote to your training.
There isn’t much of a difference between a 5- or 6-day split. But they are quite
different from 3- and 4-day splits.

• Greater training frequency
• Greater muscle isolation
• More muscle specialization
• Ability to shorten training time
• Favorite of most bodybuilders
• Less recovery
• Average strength gains
• High volume
PROGRAMSCentral nervous system fatigue

A) Barbell Bench Press 5 x 10
B1) Dumbbell Incline Fly
B2) Suspended Blast Strap Pushup
4 x 12
4 x 10
C) Dumbbell Bench Press 4 x 8
D) Exercise Band Pushup 3 x 20

A1) Dumbbell Standing Hammer Curl
A2) Exercise Band Pushdown
4 x 8
4 x 15
B1) Barbell Wide-Grip Curl
B2) EZ Bar Skullcrusher
4 x 10
4 x 12
C1) EZ Bar Preacher Curl 4 x 10
C2) Parallel Dip 4 x 15 each


A) Barbell Squat 5 x 5
B1) Barbell Reverse Lunge
B2) Glute Ham Raise
4 x 6 each leg
4 x 8
C1) Dumbbell Goblet Squat
C2) Barbell Romanian Deadlift (RDL)
3 x 15
3 x 15
D) Dumbbell Walking Lunge 3 x 30 yards
E) Standing Calf Raise 1 x 100 (minimal rest as needed)
 Note: For the 6-day split, break the leg workout into 2 days: Quads and Hamstrings/Calves.


A) Barbell Standing Military Press 4 x 6
B1) Dumbbell Arnold Press
B2) Lying Incline Internal Rear Raise
4 x 8 to 12
4 x 15
C1) Dumbbell Lateral Raise
C2) Dumbbell Incline Press
3 x 15 to 20
3 x 10


A) Trap Bar Deadlift 5 x 5
B1) Overhand-Grip Barbell Row
B2) Eccentric Chinup
4 x 8
4 x 6 (3-second negative)
C1) Barbell Shrug
C2) Dumbbell Farmer’s Walk
3 x 10
3 x 30 yards

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Legs (Quads, Hamstrings, Calves)
Tuesday: Shoulders
Wednesday: Back
Thursday: Chest
Friday: Arms (Biceps, Triceps)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Quads
Tuesday: Back

Wednesday: Chest
Thursday: Hamstrings, Calves
Friday: Shoulders
Saturday: Arms

Friday, July 18, 2014

AS BODYBUILDERS we have to pay close attention to the food we consume and,
more important, when we consume it. By scheduling our meals around our strength
training, cardio workouts, and recovery, we can maximize the weight-loss process and
stimulate new muscle growth.
Our bodies naturally produce both anabolic and catabolic hormones that can either work with us or
against us in the dieting process. Anabolic hormones stimulate rebuilding and repair reactions in your
muscles. Catabolic hormones stimulate the breakdown of carbohydrate, fat, and protein for energy.
Through the proper nutrient timing we can allow our bodies to utilize more naturally occurring
anabolic hormones and avoid the breakdown of tissue and, more specifically, muscle associated with
catabolic hormones.

Meal Timing
Bodybuilders of the past ate three or four meals a day, never the five or six that are common today.
But we now know much more about nutrition than those early muscle-men did.
As a bodybuilder training for competition, you will become keenly attuned to how your body feels
and when you need to eat. You will learn how to plan your meals around your work and your
workouts and when to fit in the all-important meal preparation. Much of this will come through trial
and error. Your routine will become easier and more finely honed with each competition you train
for. Many bodybuilders find that the biggest lifestyle change to get used to is meal preparation.
Shopping for the right ingredients, planning the ideal macronutrient mix, preparing and cooking the
meals, measuring and weighing out the portions, and packing meals can be very time-consuming and a
lot more involved than what you are used to. But it is one of the big keys to your success.
Once your preparation is complete the next steps are to plan out the times of your food consumption
based upon your body type and meal-spacing needs.

Pre-Workout Nutrition

Post-Workout Nutrition
Your post-workout refueling is critical, too. You should consume carbohydrates in liquid form to
speed the sugar delivery into your bloodstream and to your muscles. Make sure you drink it within 30
minutes of finishing your workout.
A post-workout shake containing a simple carbohydrate like dextrose will resupply muscle
glycogen that has been depleted during training and spare muscle tissue by absorbing into the
bloodstream at a much faster rate than a low-glycemic carb would. A high-glycemic carb will cause a
very large insulin spike. As the insulin ushers the glucose into muscle tissue, you can experience a
hypoglycemic (low-blood sugar) feeling.
To combat this feeling, follow your post-workout shake with a post-workout meal within another
hour. This meal should include some low-glycemic complex carbohydrates that will counteract this
negative effect by helping stabilize your blood sugar levels. The complex carbohydrates will also
encourage protein synthesis, retard the release of catabolic hormones, and spare muscle tissue.

Raise Your Anabolic Hormones

No, I have not gone performance enhancing on you. Instead I’m talking about boosting the naturally
occurring anabolic hormones in your body that stimulate rebuilding and repair reactions in your
muscles. Your body also produces catabolic hormones that stimulate the breakdown of carbohydrate,
fat, and protein for energy. We as bodybuilders often associate the word catabolic with bad news for
muscle building, though these catabolic hormones can also work with us in our pursuit of a perfect
physique for competition day.
Our anabolic hormones include testosterone, growth hormone, IGF-1, and insulin. Through diet and
exercise we can release these anabolic hormones to spur on muscle growth and make the dieting
process easier. Let’s take a look at these helpful hormones.

Spark Protein Synthesis with Insulin

Insulin might very well be the most misunderstood hormone among men due to its association with
carbohydrates and type 2 diabetes. When insulin levels are high and there are also high levels of
carbohydrate intake, studies have shown a resulting increase in fat synthesis and a decrease in fat
breakdown. But even with its association with fat synthesis, insulin is highly effective in promoting
carbohydrate fuel storage and muscle–protein synthesis.
Your muscle cells are especially insulin sensitive right after exercise. This is important because
the more insulin sensitive your muscle cells, the more insulin will act to promote muscle glycogen
storage and protein synthesis, exactly what we want occurring after an intense training session.
Making glucose and amino acids available at this time is important to allowing insulin to work with
your body to synthesize muscle proteins and muscle glycogen at a high rate. At the same time very
little fat will be synthesized or stored away.
You can take advantage of insulin, through timed carbohydrate consumption following strength
training. Studies have shown that insulin not only increases protein synthesis but increases amino acid
uptake into your muscle and reduces protein degradation.
Insulin can be classified as the most anabolic hormone and the most important hormone in relation

to muscle growth. Insulin may not be friendly to sedentary individuals or to those on an unbalanced
high-carbohydrate diet, but to a bodybuilder who trains and diets intelligently, insulin can lead to
muscle and strength gains and very low body-fat percentages.
Insulin’s Benefits to a Bodybuilder:
• Increases protein synthesis
• Increases glucose transport into the muscle
• Increases amino acid transport into the muscle
• Increases blood flow into the muscle
• Increases muscle glycogen storage
• Suppresses the release of cortisol
• Reduces protein degradation

Tap Your Natural Testosterone

Testosterone is a bodybuilder’s natural ally. In bodybuilding we associate the main male hormone
with the term anabolic or building up. Testosterone has a number of effects that can classify it as
anabolic, the major effect for a bodybuilder is its ability to accelerate the growth of muscle.
Testosterone is believed to be anticatabolic because it can block cortisol (the stress hormone
associated with belly fat). It’s because of this characteristic that increased testosterone in the body
leads to an increase in muscle recovery. This alone is a major reason why drug-using bodybuilders
use anabolic steroids to help them train harder, recover faster, and ultimately grow muscle faster.
These effects can be short-lived because as cortisol release is blocked, even higher levels of cortisol
are produced shortly thereafter. So when a drug-using bodybuilder stops taking an anabolic steroid,
the catabolic effects of cortisol increase lead to a rapid loss of muscle strength and size.
Natural testosterone production can be increased through proper protein intake, intense strength
training, adequate rest and recovery, and increased consumption of cruciferous vegetables such as
broccoli and cauliflower.

Build Muscle with Your Body’s Growth Hormone

The role of growth hormone in the sports world is highly controversial. Athletes have been using
synthetic growth hormone to get ahead for years. But to natural bodybuilders, that’s cheating big-time.
They know that they can naturally trigger their bodies to secrete more growth hormone through
strength training.
Growth hormone stimulates muscle growth, increases the breakdown of fat, and inhibits
carbohydrate metabolism. To a male, growth hormone is the body’s natural liposuction. Growth
hormone’s role in exercise is not well understood, but we do know that it rises during exercise and
drops following exercise. Because it rises during exercise, growth hormone can play a role in
maintaining muscle throughout the dieting process.

Squeeze out More IGF-1

IGF-1 stands for insulin-like growth factor, and its primary effect is to stimulate protein synthesis in
bone, cartilage, and muscle. IGF is responsible for the muscle growth that occurs during puberty. It

boosts amino acid and glucose transport into cells. It also makes muscles more sensitive to insulin’s
effects and increases the number of muscle cells in your tissue, which can grow larger and stronger
through weight lifting. IGF-1 is controlled by the intensity of muscle contraction, leading to an
increase during exercise and a decrease afterward.

The Phases of Dieting

Getting lean for a bodybuilding competition can seem overwhelming. But there’s an effective way
to approach the task: Break it up into manageable chunks, as I did when I wrote this book. If I look at
the book as a collection of parts rather than a complete volume, and then I attack the writing one
chapter at a time, it seems much less intimidating. The same goes for contest preparation dieting. If
you build a step-by-step plan, a course of action that is well defined and manageable and achievable,
hell, you can do anything. And dropping body fat while sparing muscle will be a goal for which you
can see a clear path.
I learned this valuable lesson from my mentor in contest preparation coaching, Joe Klemczewski,
PhD, a World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) professional bodybuilder and nutritionist.
Dr. Joe specializes in intensive nutritional consulting and works with the highestlevel professional
bodybuilders, models, and members of the general public through his nutritional program and Web
site Before Dr. Klemczewski organized the contest prep dieting process into welldefined
phases, bodybuilders had no clear structure to contest prep nutrition or understanding of the
changes in body and diet that bodybuilders endure as they train.
Dr. Klemczewski’s “phases of dieting” have made the contest preparation journey of many
bodybuilders, including myself, much easier to follow by providing an understanding of the physical
changes the body endures—including the way the metabolism changes—and the need to be patient as
the process moves along.


This is your starting point in the journey. You are beginning to transition from an off-season diet
surplus of calories and carbohydrates to dieting mode when you have to get serious about caloric and
carbohydrate restriction. Although dieting to lose body fat can be fairly easy, dieting to lose body fat
while retaining your muscle can be a challenge. Begin by creating a good diet plan based on what you
learned in the previous chapters. Map out your macronutrient intake for every day in a solid meal
plan. If you try to eat right on the fly, that is, without a plan, you will without a doubt fall into a
pattern of eating the wrong foods at the wrong times. Planning is one of the key tools in breaking
down this monumental task of contest prep into achievable pieces.
Thanks to your preseason indulgences, your metabolism is jacked up and ready to start your total
body transformation. Your time spent with a surplus of calories and carbohydrates has you primed to
lose body fat fast. During the first 2 weeks of training, glycogen and water will constitute a good
amount of weight lost and you will continue to lose at a better-than-average rate. Do not be alarmed if
you are one of those people who needs to drop your caloric deficit lower than initially projected in
order to lose the weight you are targeting


The core phase is the longest period of dieting and when the real work begins. The program is taken
to a new level. Weight training is ramped up, and your cardio program increases, too. You may need

to work in different types of carbohydrate cycling to keep your body losing 1 to 2 pounds of body fat
per week. During the core phase a bodybuilder may notice the greatest amount of weight loss, but it feels
like the slowest, most drawn-out process of his life. How long it lasts really depends on the length of
your dieting, how much your metabolic rate slows, and your energy levels before entering the grind of
the set point phase.

During the set point phase, your body begins to resist you. At this time your body is approaching a
level of body fat where cells have lost enough volume so that you body feels as if it’s starving.
You’re really not starving at all; instead, your body has become more efficient. It is smaller now,
lacking all that fat, and therefore it doesn’t need as many calories as it once did. It is during this phase
that many competitors become frustrated with their bodies. The once noticeable and consistent scale
change has ground to a halt, and it’s time to once again change things up. During this phase, the diet
must become tighter. You will likely need to further reduce the amount of food you eat, lower
carbohydrate intake even more, and increase your cardio. You will begin to recognize an overall
hardening of your physique.
Often enough, many bodybuilders will stay within the set point phase right up to the show, whether
they find their physique ready or needing more time. When a bodybuilder reaches the level of
conditioning that’s contest ready, with time remaining in the dieting process, they can enter a step
neglected by bodybuilders for years—the metabolic building phase.
You’ll be able to increase the level of food consumption, and your body will react not by gaining
weight but by losing it, while hunger increases. This is when you enter the metabolic building phase.


During the metabolic building phase you’ll begin to increase your food quantity by small amounts—
10 grams of protein here, 10 grams of carbohydrates there. This will boost your metabolic rate, which

is exactly what you want to happen during this last phase of the dieting process. As food begins to be
added, you’ll notice changes in your body. You will notice changes in your body temperature as it
will become warmer more often, and you’ll keep losing body fat and seeing the weight loss on the

As you keep losing weight, you’ll continue to eat more food (usually an increase in carbs) to
balance the increases in your metabolic rate. In turn your body will become less catabolic and far
less carb sensitive.
The small increases in food will not only result in higher energy levels, strength increases, muscle
fullness, and slight increases in body weight, but body-fat levels will also continue to decrease. The
metabolic building phase can continue into your off-season as you return your intake back to
maintenance levels of consumption.

At this point you’ve been dieting longer and have given your body plenty of time to build your food
intake. This allows your skin to become thinner and has your body ready for a show.
Since muscle is roughly 70 percent water, being well hydrated during peak week is critical for
show preparation. If you’re dehydrated, your muscles will look smaller and your skin may look
saggy. Drinking lots of water will fill your muscles up like air in a balloon, making them fuller and
harder. What’s more, full, well-hydrated muscle tissue results in better definition by increasing the

separation between muscles.
Don’t make the mistake of many bodybuilders who still adhere to the old strategy of carb depletion
during peak week. What did we learn in the previous chapters? It is crucial that you eat carbohydrates
after your training sessions. So, why would you stop doing this during the week before competition?
It’s crazy. Your body needs the glycogen, otherwise catabolism sets in, exactly what you don’t want
to happen. A better strategy is to take in higher amounts of carbs during the beginning of peak week
training and gradually reduce carb intake as contest day nears.
What about protein and fat? I typically keep my protein intake constant to maintain lean body mass.
It’s the fat I’ll reduce, keeping it low so the carbs can do the heavy lifting. Of course, as I’ve said
numerous times, every bodybuilder is different. You need to know your body and how it metabolizes
these macronutrients so you can tweak your intake appropriately for best results on “game day.”